Why should I read The Lamb Letter?

Number One Reason: It isn’t a long read. In a fast-moving world of short attention spans, brevity is good and The Lamb Letter is short. Most of the words are short, too.

Number Two Reason: The Lamb Letter is grounded in writing, but focused on people. Whether you like people or find them exasperating, you can read about them here.

Some of the people written about are real, some fictional. Either way, writing brings them alive. After all, words empower, define and redeem people. We use words to resolve conflict, fuel imagination, teach trust or fear. Words use us, too, to bring order from chaos and comfort from pain. People and words are allied and reinforcing.

So, join me here, where words sometimes come together in interesting ways. Also feel free to visit my website… https://www.gillespielamb.com/ .

Gillespie Lamb

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Gillespie Lamb

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